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Deaconess Christine Dada – Word Empowerment Ministries
Sundays From 9 AM - 11:30 AM
8401 Good Luck Rd, Suite 220 (2nd Floor) Lanham
Deaconess Christine Dada

Queen Christine Yetunde Dada is a proud mother of 3 wonderful young men. She has been in ministry since she was 16 years old teaching Sunday school at the United Reformed Church of England. When in College she was a member of the Fellowship of United Reformed Youth (FURY) where she would organize youth crusades in France and Belgium. After migrating to the USA Queen continued to be involved in ministry. The last 20 years she was very active in the service of welfare at Faith Clinic Church. She continues to strive to grow and manifest the goodness of God in her life for all to see how Marvelous God is.

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